2.72%, ₿ Soccer & Stopping Libra

Market Report: Week 37, 9/12

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In this issue:

  • Bitcoin Joins a Soccer Team

  • Become a Winner with Bitcoin Bootcamp

  • Can They Really Stop Facebook’s Libra?

  • Trade Opportunity Recap

Bitcoin Joins a Soccer Team

Premier League Team Watford FC will have the Bitcoin logo (₿) appear on their shirt sleeves this season, part of a marketing plan led by the innovative sports betting brand Sportsbet.io. With a yearly audience of 4.7 billion viewers, any marketing campaigns within the Premier League matches is great exposure to the globe. Athletes are seen as influences to society. If cryptocurrency branding aligns with athletes, we may see a global marketing push Bitcoin and the power it holds into further mainstream society.

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Can They Really Stop Facebook’s Libra?

"In these conditions, we cannot authorize the development of Libra on European soil” - French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire

Libra is at a regulatory and developmental standstill and International regulators are stomping out any remaining embers left behind by Facebook’s fire. Swiss and French financial regulators are now tightening their strings on the categorization of Libra under current law. These sanctions come just two months after Facebook was issued by the US House Financial Services Committee to stop all development on Libra.

Skirting Regulation

Centralized authority, a large database of valuable information, and mediocre security. These are three things that Facebook has, Bitcoin opposes, and the government needs to regulate. Facebook has attempted the bare minimum at self regulation, looking to keep up appearances but failing to provide substance.

The Libra Association has attempted to avoid much of the scrutiny from the Swiss regulators (FINMA) by applying under a payment system. FINMA however has now officially classified Libra as financial market infrastructure requiring them to spend more money ensuring continued liquidity of treasury funds.

As France and the European Central Bank discuss the creation of a government ran digital currency, they have issued a stop on Libra or face an outright ban. Facebook has used their attempted registration in Switzerland to avoid many of the tough European banking laws, however that hasn’t pleased legislators.

Does It Matter?

Stopping Facebook’s Libra shows several powerful reasons as to why global adoption of Bitcoin is important. Facebook’s Libra was hoping to bring decentralized finance and micropayments to the masses. They are attempting to fill a void that both Ethereum and Bitcoin fill, but on fully decentralized scales. Should the centralized approach, the continued evolution of Bitcoin and Ethereum may be great enough to fill the void of stalled Libra.

Our Trades Last Week

Every Week we recap our closed trade opportunities from the last seven days so you can see our performance and discuss what we’ve learned.

  • EOS 13.43%

  • BTC (Cumulative) 0.77%

  • ETH (Cumulative) 0.46%

Overall our trades returned 2.72% the past week and were 50% accurate. We were a little too lax with our BTC long - which would have returned 2.8% had we closed it on trend reversal.

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